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When last we left our Heros...

(Its been quite a while)

We had just been transferred over from the care of Master Yang to Haorong's family in the entry just before Taiwan! (literally, thats the blog title).


...They wanted to keep going with the touring around Jinan, but after spending 15 days tourning with Master Yang, we were both kinda ready for a ½ day in. So they drove us back to Haorong's grandfather's place and we chilled with him the rest of the day.

This blog is dedicated to filling in that period of about two month from the time Master Yang left to go back to Ohio, to the time Joe and I left China for Taiwan.

In the first month we find out what it is like to live in the north China city of Jinan working as a teacher and training in authentic Chinese martial arts,


Then we go back to traveling and revisit the city of Tai'an to finish what we started,


Visit Beijing,


Meet some Kung Fu artists who inspired the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in WuDang (and meet some interesting characters who may have inspired the tv show V),


And then finishing up in the place where China all began for us, the beautiful city of Shinjin; back to the place with DaVinci's village and our lovely British friends.


Stay tuned for details...

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